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I’m Sarah, a designer, illustrator, and creative technologist in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the person you call who can inject a little weirdness into something traditionally pretty dry. People hire me to solve tough, design-driven problems, which can be anything from branding new initiatives within existing nonprofits, or figuring out how to translate complex regional planning terminology to the average layman.

In my 7 years working as a designer, I’ve had the opportunity to design for a wildly fun range of formats, from illustration (Vox.com, Queen of Cream) to event design (Facebook, Art Papers) to physical installations — and a few formats that didn’t really exist until I made them up. (Check out my analog vending machine and data-driven living infographics.)

When I collaborate with clients like Facebook, the Atlanta Regional Commission, or Midtown Alliance, I can’t help but treat their projects like my own. I know, I know: “I just care too much,” right? But I genuinely enjoy making recommendations and pushing the parameters of the project to make the end result better than both of us initially thought possible. It’s why I keep doing what I do, and it’s a big part of what makes projects come to life for the people who experience them, from the Buford Highway Eatbot to the NPU Initiative.

As most of my friends will tell you, I also like applying my creativity to personal projects and following my curiosity down weird and interesting paths: building a “snack stadium” for the Superbowl, compiling a field kit about urbanism, and publishing a newspaper about creativity. I’m pretty good at coming up with hijinks, but I’m not quite so good at sitting still.

Since 2015, I’ve built my business on my own and have mostly worked as a one-woman studio. In recent years, as I’ve tackled more ambitious projects, I’ve built a solid network of fellow creatives whose vision jives with my own and that of my clients, and whose skill and talent I trust completely.

I’m proud to collaborate with a roster of clients across a spectrum of industries spanning tech to regional transit to local government. My work has been featured in Fast Company, Quipsologies, 99U, and HLN (they called my snack stadium a “masterpiece!”). I’ve led keynotes and taught classes for organizations like the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), TEDx, and DesignMadison, and am always excited to hear about potential speaking engagements. I’m a proud mother to an exceptionally good girl named Cocoa, who keeps me company at my desk, and many plants. I live in my hometown of Atlanta, a place that inspires me every day.

Selected Press

Eater Atlanta, January 2021

Skillshare Blog, May 2019

99u, May 2019

Creative Mornings, April 2019

Headline News (HLN) – February 2019

Unladylike Media, September 2018

Fast Company (print edition), Summer 2018

ThreadATL, August 2017

Babes Who Hustle, July 2017

Print Magazine, June 2017

Figure and Ground, May 2017

Racked, December 2016

Quipsologies, April 2016

Creative Loafing ATL, 4.4.2016, 1.12.2016, and 11.25.2016

Yen Mag (December 2015 print edition)

CommonCreativ Atlanta, 9.9.2015

Bustle, 6.12.2015

Mashable, 5.7.2015

Laughing Squid, 5.5.2015

Design Taxi, 5.1.2015

Gizmodo, 10.14.14

Laughing Squid, 10.14.14

The Atlantic Cities, 5.3.2013

Current Projects

The Buford Highway EatBot

Text EAT to 678-381-1606 to get recommendations for where to eat on Buford Highway

The Midtown Alliance Muse

Text MIDTOWN to 404-476-8418 to get recommendations on where to go and what to do in Midtown Atlanta

Analog Vending Machine

A weird and fun new way to sell or give away products!

Living Infographic

Dynamic, engaging survey methods based from event participation.

Urbanism Field Kit

An interactive and engaging field kit introducing the average person to urbanism and laying the fundamentals in a FUN way

Past/Completed Projects

Drawing Shit Every Day

Draw Your Neighborhood

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Atlanta Trading Co

Public Speaking

Museum of Design Atlanta, May 2019

DesignMadison, February 2018

Museum of Design Atlanta, October 2017

AIGA Charleston, South Carolina, June 2016

AIGA Columbia, South Carolina, March 2016

TEDxUGA, March 2014

Atlanta Studies, July 2013

MSCNE 2014 Seminar, July 2014


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In February 2019, I was featured in a segment on Headline News (CNN):

^^ this segment aired nationally every hour throughout Superbowl Weekend.