Want the fun of a vending machine without losing the joy of a human-centered customer experience?

Well, good news for you. We’ve got the Analog Vending Machine — a whopping fridge-sized contraption of customized, brightly painted cardboard, with a smiling person inside. It’s part vending machine, part performance art, all fun. A guest inserts a little change and in return, gets something cool. It’s a unique way to sell small items at an event, distribute company bonuses or team gifts, create a unique art installation, or even set up at a big personal event like a wedding. 


Is it cheesy? 

Yes, but delightfully so. 

Is it original? 

Oh yeah, so far as we can tell, it’s the first official human-operated vending apparatus. 

What can I use it for? 

Pretty much anything, the only limit is your imagination.

• Performance art
• Share samples of a new product
• Sell small items at a festival or corporate event
• Distribute company bonuses or team gifts on special occasions
• Set it up at a big event like a wedding and make those wedding favors more fun


Better question, why not? But in reality, it sheds light on how to add humanity to transactions. So much of customer experience (CX) is now based on transactions. The analog vending machine makes them personal again in a way that’s truly different from anything in the industry. You might say it’s out-of-the-box thinking, while still being in a box.  

How do I book it? 

Reach out using my form, include any details you can think of. We’ll chat.  

Photos by @annietphotography

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