March 3, 2015

Chattanooga, the Land of 1000 Puns

Chattanooga, the Land of 1000 Puns

I’ve been hesitant to travel long distances ever since my car starting having issues six months ago, but last week I got myself a AAA subscription and decided it was time to hit the road. Off to Chattanooga!


I actually haven’t been to Chattanooga in ages, since I was there for the annual Zombie 5k. This time, I was pretty sick the whole weekend, carrying around a bottle of cough syrup in my purse and sneezing up a storm in artisan coffee shops. Maura and Darcy were gracious and sweet to put up with me.


They have a wonderful walking bridge in Chattanooga—for pedestrians only. We crossed, got to see the barges and the parks from overhead, and see some of the beautiful buildings the city has to offer.

Photo-Feb-28,-1-34-00-PM Photo-Feb-28,-1-40-56-PM Photo-Feb-28,-1-43-28-PM  Photo-Feb-28,-1-45-28-PM Photo-Feb-28,-1-48-17-PM Photo-Feb-28,-11-33-10-AM

Our weekend was filled with coffee shops, brunch spots, rummaging, and exploring the city. Maura’s been there for awhile now, and had so many wonderful things to show us.

Photo-Feb-28,-12-00-20-PM Photo-Feb-28,-12-00-38-PM

There are so many punny-themed places in Chattanooga. There’s a karaoke bar called “Sing it or Wing it,” there’s “Taconooga,” and many more.

Photo-Feb-28,-12-01-13-PM Photo-Feb-28,-12-01-56-PM

The set pictured above is from an old printing press—back when individual letters were in actual cases. The bigger letters were at the top, smaller ones at the bottom. Uppercase, lowercase. There you go!

Photo-Feb-28,-12-03-45-PM Photo-Feb-28,-12-05-35-PM Photo-Feb-28,-12-48-03-PM Photo-Feb-28,-12-48-10-PM

I loved all the public and street art littering the brick buildings.Photo-Feb-28,-3-16-03-PM Photo-Feb-28,-3-21-10-PM Photo-Feb-28,-4-14-56-PM Photo-Feb-28,-5-40-09-PM Photo-Feb-28,-9-57-48-AM

Maura made us a strawberry salad for breakfast on Saturday morning, but it was gone before I could get a picture.

Photo-Mar-01,-11-42-03-AM Photo-Mar-01,-11-46-07-AM-(1) Photo-Mar-01,-11-48-27-AM

Waited quite a long time for brunch, so I pulled out my little iPhone shutter remote to play with. Photo-Mar-01,-12-32-48-PM Photo-Mar-01,-2-57-44-PM

Checked out the Hunter Museum of American Art—my favorite exhibit was the photographs of the New York Times Magazine. Some of the best editorial work I’ve ever seen, all in one spot.

Photo-Mar-01,-3-01-02-PM Photo-Mar-02,-12-02-17-AM

Came home to a sleeping little pup, and started watching House of Cards.

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