November 11, 2014

Falling into Asheville, for a Second Time

Falling into Asheville, for a Second Time

Asheville in the fall is seriously the best place to be—at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, huddled around a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows. Something about Asheville just screams (or rather, quietly whispers) Fleet Foxes and flannel. Ryan and I were actually visiting around this time in 2013, and last week we felt the pull to return. I can really see Caroline loving this place.

Here’s a 360 degree image of the cabin we stayed in, using an amazing app called Bubbli:



Almost all wood paneling with tons of doors and natural light. We cooked dinner and sat on the porch to hang out.


Photo by Sarah Jagstadt

Meant to go hiking on Saturday, but the place we’d planned on going was actually an hour away from the cabin—two hours for a short hike? Nope, let’s go drinking instead—we toured Hi-Wire, Lexington Ave Brewery, and Wicked Weed.


Tried to get a picture of our flights at Hi Wire, but they were too delicious and gone way too fast. Photo-Nov-08,-1-37-31-PM Photo-Nov-08,-1-58-07-PM


Photo by Sarah Jagstadt

I honestly think flights are the way beer at breweries should be consumed forever—you’re not stuck with just one option, and you can compare a bunch!  Photo-Nov-08,-3-17-24-PM Photo-Nov-08,-3-17-36-PM

I dropped a dollar in the statue’s bucket—normally they bow or smile at you, but she started drumming right next to my head! I was so startled and nearly fell down trying to back up. She smiled. 
Photo-Nov-08,-4-00-45-PM Photo-Nov-08,-4-06-07-PM

Inside and outside of Wicked Weed brewing. Photo-Nov-08,-4-14-22-PM


Ryan, Chris, and JTPhoto-Nov-08,-12-22-52-PM Photo-Nov-08,-12-34-37-PM


Photo by Sarah Jagstadt

Photo-Nov-08,-12-36-07-PM Photo-Nov-08,-12-51-51-PM Photo-Nov-08,-12-53-33-PM


Photo by Sarah Jagstadt

At the end of the day, I made us go to Top of the Monk for some signature pre-prohibition cocktails. Seriously my favorite place—not only do they show you exactly what a mixologist is supposed to be like, plus you get a fancy key to a myriad of homemade snacks. Who doesn’t love snacks and delicious cocktails? Apparently, I do (get away from my sloe gin fizz)!


All in all, great weekend—I love this new tradition.

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