July 25, 2014

The Friday Digest, July 25

The Friday Digest, July 25

Oh hey, I’m back with another Friday Digest! This blog post is made up of cool things I come across every week—they might be new, or old, or stupid, but they caught my attention and I’d like them to catch yours. You’re also welcome to send me your own suggestions here.

1. A Better Queue

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.17.56 AM


So,  this website cross-references movies and shows on Netflix with their rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Instead of watching some crappy movie my friend recommended, I can turn the Tomatometer up to 95 and search for my typical “Suspenseful Spy Movies Based on Real-Life Dramas Inside of a Tuna Fish Can” flicks. I’m getting suggestions I would’ve never thought of.

2. Infographics (kind 0f) by Marshall Ericksen


Pretty sure every sitcom ever has done this joke, but I’m a little biased.


3. Crowdsourcing [Design]: Sabotaging our Value, by Thomas Wilder

“Does it make sense to walk into a restaurant, ask the chef to make you three entrees, eat from all three plates and then skip out on the bill if you didn’t like any of the options? The answer is no.”

This really well written piece describes a trend I wrote about back in April, and is only getting worse. In short, the practice of asking a designer to spend precious billable hours creating spec work that you may or may not like is not only tacky, it’s incredibly disrespectful. The more we ask designers to work under these conditions, the less value our profession has.

4. LeBron made his neighbors cupcakes to apologize for a noisy few weeks


I want to be LeBron’s neighbor. Mostly because I want some cherry cola cupcakes.

5. What it looks like when you listen to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea on repeat for several hours

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.16.25 PM-1

Actual screenshot. No, I didn’t mess with it.

 6. Emoji Translator from the New York Times

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 4.52.32 PM



Emojis are modern hieroglyphics, and I’m glad we almost seem to be over the hump of “making fun of a new trend until it’s mainstream and everyone is doing it.” Moreover, I kind of enjoyed trying to interpret these—it gives some insight into how actual language translation goes, and why word-for-word translators aren’t always perfect. That is, a less imaginative person might read the first quiz question as “Television next to the Earth, same size as soccer cups, phones in the evening.”

7. This chart on “Essential Tumblr-Core”



8.Bonus GIFs



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