I’m hiring a studio intern!

The Design Emporium is my tiny little design studio here in Atlanta. Your internship with the Emporium is hopefully different from any other you’ll encounter in school – you work directly with me and my pup out of our home office in West End, collaborating on internal projects and real client work. We’ll go out to lunch, I’ll play music, and feed you nearly unlimited coffee or seltzer. This is an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship, building useful skills like presenting to clients, and practicing your design chops.


What kind of person are you looking for?

Someone passionate about design, with a sense of humor. You’re still in school (recent graduates are fine too) and you’re studying something like graphic design or visual communications.

What will I be doing?

Fact-checking, research, art direction, social media graphics, poster and booklet design, eating ice cream, creating brand guidelines and web design (don’t worry, you’ll learn all of this along the way).

What will I get out of this internship?

• An upfront view of what it’s like to be a freelancer – the day to day projects, processes, and techniques.

• You’ll learn things like illustration, print design, designing for web, photography and art direction, and more! Is there anything specific you want to learn? Let’s talk about it.

• Guidance to dream up, create, and produce a passion project.

• Real world projects you can show in your portfolio.

What are the details?

• This internship takes place in my home office in West End, Atlanta.

• The work schedule is negotiable, but onsite is a requirement.

• You must have your own laptop – Mac preferred

• $100/week stipend (roughly 10 hours)

What former interns have said:

“Working one-on-one with Sarah was such a positive experience. I took on a variety of projects that challenged my skills and improved them. The work was meaningful, enjoyable, and helped me grow as a designer. I loved this unique internship with Sarah!”

“Working with Sarah not only expanded my knowledge of general design, but also allowed me to use design to implement my own interests. This has further ignited my passion for design. Working with her one-on-one really gave me the time and space to ask questions and find new opportunities I didn’t even know existed.”

Ready to apply? Here is

The Application

Please do not send me a resume and/or cover letter!

Instead, fill out this questionnaire:

I want to get a better idea of who you are and what you’re about, something I don’t think resumes and formal cover letters tend to convey. Every question is required, but seriously, don’t sweat each one.

I’ll respond to every application that comes through, whether you receive the internship or not – if you take the time to thoughtfully fill this out, I will take the time to reply to you!


Applications are open until April 3rd

You’ll hear back from me either way by April 20th!


Please do not follow up before April 20th – if you haven’t heard from me by then, feel free to reach out: hello (at) sarahclawrence.com 

When did you graduate? Are you still in school? Are you self-taught? How'd you self-teach? Anything else?
Portfolio, Instagram, Dropbox, etc
More "creative director at a public health agency" than "lead designer for the Lakers and married to x celebrity"
Sometimes I do outdoor public art projects – you may be asked to help.
Something you do that is not design
I will count!