October 3, 2014

Inspiration Fridays: Wheatpasting

Inspiration Fridays: Wheatpasting

I’ve always been really enamored by wheatpasting—my brother did graffiti when I was younger, we had a big graffiti wall in the back yard for him to practice (and he was so good). When he was out of the house I’d grab some spray paint from his room and go doodle on the board, and nothing I did ever looked half as good as the stuff he would make.

Wheatpasting was kind of the happy medium for me. I can draw on paper, I can print things large, and I can mix flour and water together and run around with a big bucket and roller brush. I’m a little too obedient to go out and wheatpaste things on actual walls, but I don’t mind messing around at home for now.

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