March 5, 2018

15+ Places to Learn Something New in Atlanta

15+ Places to Learn Something New in Atlanta

I started 2018 with a resolution to pick up some new skills; to break out of my comfort zone and try something new. I couldn’t find a good list of workshops and classes in the Atlanta area, so I decided to put this one together. Enjoy!


  • Listings need to have classes and workshops clearly listed on their website, and potential students need to have an easy path to take the courses (for example, some colleges offer continuing ed but it looks like you might need to apply and go through convoluted channels to join).
  • They also need to be in person, in Atlanta!

1. The Homestead

Classes include: sewing, herbal medicine, embroidery, and soap making

Workshop prices: in the $50–$250 range, with a 10–15% discount for members

Check out their listings here.

Learn Coding

2. General Assembly

Workshops include: product management, UX design, visual design, digital marketing.

Workshop prices: Bootcamps (all-day sessions) are about $180, and workshops (2 hours, usually in the evening) are about $30.

Check out their listings here

3. Home Depot

Workshops include: Installing wall tile, updating your bathroom, and building spice racks.

Workshop prices: Free! The point is to get you in the store, but you could leave these workshops with some excellent home improvement intel.

Check out the schedule here.

4. Atlanta Printmakers’ Studio

Workshops include: Letterpress, screenprinting, monoprint, and more!

Workshop prices: Regular Cost of Classes: $260 members / $270 non-members / $295 become member & register

Check out the schedule here.

5. Atlanta International Language Institute

Languages include: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, ASL, and Russian. They’re small groups (3-9 people) and meet for 2 hrs/week for 10 weeks.

Workshop prices: $285 for 10 weeks. Evens out to about $14/hr.

Check out the schedule here.

6. WonderRoot

Workshops include: Intros to Ceramics, Watercolor, Darkroom photography, and Design.

Workshop prices: Ranging from $10-20 for single-day workshops, priced on a sliding scale.

Check out the schedule here.

7. Callanwolde

Workshops include: Horticulture, Children’s Dance, Music, Painting and Drawing, Performing Arts, Photography, Pottery, and more. Tons and tons to choose from, some range from single-day workshops to several weeks.

Workshop prices: Depends on the class, ranges from $180 (Jewelry and Metalsmithing I) to $425 (Music Production for Teens)

Check out the course schedule here.

8. Decatur Glassblowing

Workshops include: How to make Bowls, Ornaments, Egg Paperweights, Pumpkins, and more. Typically single-day workshops, they also offer date night classes.

Workshop prices: Ranges from $70 (for a Cup class) to $180 (for 2 people on date night)

Check out the schedule here.

9. Atlanta School of Photography

Workshops include: Four week classes and single-day workshops on topics like Photo Basics, Studio Lighting, Websites for Photographers, and Lightroom.

Workshop prices: Classes range from $150 (Websites for Photographers) to $275 (Photoshop 1), and Workshops range from $30 (Lensmania) to $250 (Serenbe Photo Workshop)

Check out the schedule here.

10. MASS Collective

Workshops include: Intro to Welding, Wood Working, Hand Carved Spoons, and Fabricating Chainmail.

Workshop prices: Ranging from $85 (Hand Carved Spoons) to $400 (Fabricating a Table)

Check out the schedule here.

11. Scoutmob Hand-Picked

Workshops include: The list changes often, but Hand-Picked offers discounts on yoga classes, leather stitching workshops, and olympic curling.

Workshop prices: Depends heavily on what you choose, but prices can start at $10 and climb!

Check out the schedule here.

12. Emory Continuing Ed

Classes include: Landscape design, Creative Writing, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Fundraising, and many many more.

Classes prices: Most of these classes are for a certificate, so they run several weeks and can cost between $695 and $1,695.

Check out the schedule here.

13. D’AIR Project

Workshops include: Aerial Fitness, Aerial Dance (Trapeze and Fabrics)

Workshop prices: $23 for a drop-in, $100 for a 5-class pass

Check out the schedule here.

14. The Cook’s Warehouse

Workshops include: Handmade pasta, fried chicken, Indian cooking, seafood, and so much more (

Workshop prices: Ranges from $49 (Beginner’s Guide to Indian Cooking) to $89 (French 101)

Check out the schedule here.

15. Atlanta Film Society

Workshops include: Filmmaking Basics, Short Films, how to be a Production Assistant, and how to make it in the film industry

Workshop prices: $65 for a half-day workshop to $150 for a full-day (also depend on topic)

Check out the schedule here.

16. Candlefish

Workshops include: Essential Oil and Fragrance Blending, and a variety of candle making workshops

Workshop prices: Ranging from $40 (Bring Your Own Vessel Workshop) to $70 (Junior Chandler Workshop)

Check out the schedule here.

17. Highwire Comedy Co.

Classes include: Stand-up Comedy, Improv, Sketch Comedy

Class prices: Ranging from $95 – $350, most classes run for several weeks.

Check out the schedule here.

18. Lace Larrabee Laugh Lab

Class: Atlanta’s First All Female Stand-Up Comedy Class, 5 weeks of hands-on stand up comedy class
Class price: Levels 1 and 2: $420

Check out the schedule here.

19. Atlanta Clay Works

Classes include: Raku, Wheel Throwing, and Marbling.

Class prices: Ranging from $45 to $250, there are single-day workshops and longer-running classes.

Check out the schedule here.

20. Mudfire

Classes include: They don’t necessarily seem to offer official workshops and classes, but they have a date night special which sounds fun.

Class prices: Date night workshop is $100 for two people.

More information about that here.

21. Spruill Center for the Arts

Classes include: A little OTP but they have everything from Stained Glass to Blacksmithing, from Mosaics to Photography. Many options available here!

Class prices: They have single-day workshops and longer multi-week sessions. Workshops range from $75 (Artistic Flower Arrangement) to $380 (Introduction to Blacksmithing, which last all weekend). Classes range from $80 (Soap Making) to $204 (Jewelry Design Lab)

Check out the schedule here.

22. Your Social Team

Classes include: Influencer Marketing, Email Newsletters, Phone Photography, and Instagram Engagement.

Class prices: $147 for a 3 hour classes.

Check out the schedule here.

23. Goat n’ Hammer

Classes include: Bladesmithing, Blacksmithing, How to Make Bottle Openers, Leatherworking, and more.

Class prices: Ranging from $100 (Making a Skull Bottle Opener) to $600 (Foundational Bladesmithing Skills).

Check out the schedule here.

24. Osono Bread

Classes include: One and two-day classes on how to make Sourdough, one of the tougher breads to do at home.

Class prices: The one day class is $80 and the two day class is $180.

Check out the schedule here.

25. The Learning Kitchen

Classes include: This is where the Osono bread Sourdough workshops take place – this spot also offers classes like Vegan Baking, Book Making, Soap Making, Natural Dye Extracts, and more.

Class prices: Classes range from $35 to $100, and $180 for some of the two-day workshops.

Check out the schedule here.

26. The Cooking School at Irwin Street

Classes include: Knife Skills and Cutlery, Southern Comfort food, Paella, Grilling, and more.

Class prices: Each class is about $85.

Check out the schedule here.

26. Adult Visual Arts Classes at Chastain Park

Classes include: Painting, Collaging, Plein Air, and Printmaking

Class prices: Classes range from $126 (Abstract Painting) to about $216 (Intro to Relief Printmaking)

Check out the summer schedule here.

27. The Beehive Atlanta

Classes include: Sewing 101, Metal Stamping, Enameled Jewelry , and Resin Casting

Class prices: Ranging from $40 to $60, most are single-day workshops on the weekend.

Check out the schedule here.

28. MODA Atlanta

Classes include: Cross stitching, calligraphy, 3D printing,

Class prices: Ranging from $5 (coffee calligraphy) to $35 (3D printing). Supplies are provided.

Check out the schedule here.

Anything I missed in this list? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it! Anything you’re pumped to take this year? Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “15+ Places to Learn Something New in Atlanta

  1. Awesome list Sarah! I’m about to take screenprinting at Atlanta Printmaker’s Studio! I’ve been doing a lot of workshops myself lately and have found a few other great places to check out:

    Chastain Arts Center: all kinds of art classes. I’ve been taking Pottery on the Wheel and it’s fun!

    MODA: workshops focused on design, embroidery, 3D printing and others

    Irwin Street Cooking School: learn to make delicious meals/bread/pasta/desserts

    Binders, Buckhead and Ponce: have a variety of painting, calligraphy and more art workshops/classes

    Anne Elser: calligraphy classes, in-person and online

  2. I heard about Goat n’ Hammer a while back. I can’t afford their bladesmithing class yet, but it’s on my dream list!! <3

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