October 27, 2014

CMJ 2014, in Selfies

CMJ 2014, in Selfies

I just spent the week in New York for the CMJ (College Music Journal) 2014 Music Marathon—I actually went back in 2011 with Caroline, but this time I was able to go see bands and friends and explore the city in between. My mom got a smartphone a month ago and learned what a selfie was a week ago, so she asked me to send her selfies of the trip.

Photo Oct 27, 11 40 14 AM


So, well, here they are:IMG_0070

1. In Katz’s Delicatessen, from When Harry Met Sally (I actually haven’t seen this movie, but Bonnie really wanted to go). IMG_0072

2. Hanging out with Bonnie at a showIMG_0081

3. Getting ready for day two!IMG_0185

4. Just kidding, it’s rainy and cold and I hate everything

Her reply: “You looked very morose”


5. On the way to another show!IMG_0285

6. Whitney came into town to hang out—I showed her how to use the subway and introduced her to Brooklyn

Mom’s reply: “You are too cute together in your striped tops”


7. Coming out of the subway with Stephanie, on the way to Brooklyn Night Bazaar to see The Echo Friendly

8. New Decemberists album coming out! The album cover was a giant mural in Williamsburg (because of course). IMG_0475

9.Got to grab dinner with my cousin Gordon in Chelsea and meet his friends, so fun!

Mom’s reply (and this is verbatim): “Whooee, yo cuddin Gawdin be lookin raggedy be downright bohemian”


10. Quick dash across the Brooklyn Bridge before we had to hop on a plane to head back to in Atlanta

Mom’s reply: “What a neat pic of the Brooklyn Bridge!”

IMG_061811. The Quilts of Gee’s bend is an awesome exhibit that was at the High Museum several years ago, and is now apparently living in the Hartsfield-Jackson T Terminal. We have mugs of these designs in our house, I know my mom would love it.


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