The Buford Highway Shuffle, Spring/Summer 2018

Client: We Love BuHi

Writer: Marian Liou

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

Back in early 2018 I pitched this idea to Marian of We Love BuHi – for me, a lot of the initial hesitation getting into Buford Highway was being so daunted by how many places there were. Where do you start? I came up with this game to distill the list of spots into the top 52 places to visit on Buford Highway, and designed cards around them.

The idea is simple: visit a place on the list, take a picture and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #buhishuffle, and we’ll send you a card from that place in the mail. I honestly wasn’t sure if people would get behind it or think it was lame.

It was really well received! As of writing, we have 700+ uses of the different hashtags, and 500+ people signed up. I’m super grateful Marian was willing to try it out and I think the game has been a ton of fun.

Our initial pitch

The Poster

A few pages of the welcome guide we send out to players