Craft Beer Guide to Los Angeles, Paste Magazine, Spring 2015

Client: Paste Magazine

Writer: John Verive

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

From the post on Paste Magazine:

“Los Angeles is a sprawling and diverse city, one of the cultural capitals of our world, but until very recently, its beer culture was nearly nonexistent. Thankfully, the craft beer tidal wave has finally broke on the shores of Los Angeles, and the long-suffering beer desert is now inundated with great beer pouring at bars, beer-centered restaurants and some world-class breweries.

In true L.A. fashion, finding the best the city has to offer means looking in some unexpected areas and going beyond the shallow surface. The rewards for exploration are worth the trouble, and if you can’t find a personal guide to the best of the L.A.’s craft beer scene, then you can start with these recommendations. Leave your preconceived notions in the hotel — the beer in Los Angeles has gotten really good in recent years, and San Diego isn’t the only destination-worthy beer region in Southern California anymore.”

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