Draw Your Neighborhood

For this project I designed some postcards based off of your typical tourist postcard, and asked people to draw their neighborhoods on the back of them.

Then, they were to flip the cards over, so the piece would switch from generic Atlanta postcards to unique and personalized visions of people’s sense of place.

People flocked to the project almost immediately, it barely took any coercing from us to get them to draw something. I thought that most people would waffle and shy away on the basis that “I can’t draw!”—so, to get it started we drew some crappy neighborhoods ourselves and tacked them up.


Everyone’s drawings are welcome here.

Even some of the vendors stopped by to add a card to the installation.

I think one of the best parts of the project is that we weren’t trying to sell anything, or get anything out of the participants—it was totally voluntary and a fun thing to participate in.

People seemed so confused, asking me “how much is it?” “is it for a donation?” “what are you doing with it?” I think this means that we need more interactive projects that are just for fun. We’re people, not data!

Tons of kids were drawn to the project.

We had a couple kids just scribble all over a card, one kid tried to run off with six and his mom chased him down.

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