Last weekend I debuted a new collaboration between Root City Market—it’s called “Exquisite City”


I created this drawing of several scenes from Atlanta, stitched together in the style of an Exquisite Corpse drawing—exquisite corpse games typically create a body (see here), but I went a little abstract with it, considerably closer to the style they use in Exquisite Book (by the way, that book rules and I recommend it). I focused on specific scenes in Atlanta, most of which are easily identifiable even as line drawings. Here’s the full drawing:


You can click to enlarge, but it’s pretty big. So big, in fact, that if I reproduced it at the correct height, it’d be 80 feet wide! We decided to just use a 20 foot piece for now.


It didn’t take people long to jump right in—I thought it would be mostly young children painting, but some older children got their hands messy as well. City councilman Kwanza Hall even painted some parts of Ponce City Market; that was fun to see!


The coloring started off pretty tame, just people (and young people) attempting to color in the lines. We used paint instead of crayons/markers to make it easier to cover a larger area—once the large areas were covered, kids started adding their own pieces to the picture. One girl painted a pattern on the teacup saucer, and other kids added little people all around the bottom of the frame.


My favorite comment of the day was from @nativebehavior on Instagram:


“Children create with no understanding of what is good and what is bad, they simply create. They are not held by the insecurities and boundaries we learn to accept as we grow older. The child like heart is as difficult as it is beautiful. We at Native Behaviour believe in going back to a place of shameless, unbounded expression of self. The world could use more of you, be brave and put yourself out there.”


  Photo-Apr-18,-1-19-01-PM Photo-Apr-18,-1-49-00-PM Photo-Apr-18,-1-49-03-PM


Photo-Apr-18,-11-22-57-AM  Photo-Apr-18,-12-39-01-PM Photo-Apr-18,-2-25-02-PM Photo-Apr-18,-2-29-54-PM


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We had so much fun doing this project, we’re going to keep it up—keep an eye out for another chance to Color Your City soon!