Farm Signs, Global Growers, Summer 2017

Client: Global Growers

Writer: Billy Mitchell

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

Global Growers is the only organization in Georgia that connects the agricultural talent of the local refugee community to opportunities in sustainable agriculture.”

We had an interesting problem to solve here: Global Growers works with refugees from all over the world, who speak all different languages. They wanted to create a cost-effective solution for signs to explain what’s what around the farms. The solution needed to be cost-effective; the farmers couldn’t produce a sign for every single task in every single language, so we needed to lean heavily on imagery and iconography, with some supporting text in English (and possibly a blank text option to fill in with a permanent marker as needed).

I based the imagery around specific items the viewer might encounter, like types of knives, bins, and cleaning tools. We then built out a system that would allow the reader to learn by association. For example, if you understood what the “dirty produce here” sign meant, you would be able to deduce “clean produce here” by comparing the two signs.

The creepy illuminati-stop sign eye is meant to quickly catch attention without relying too heavily on the iconic (to us) stop sign. I wanted to not use an English word, but still imply that the viewer should stop and pay attention.

We created many signs, but these are some of my favorites.