Habit-tracking apps are the latest self-improvement trend. But do they work? The Goods, Winter 2018

Client: The Goods

Writer: Nisha Chittal

Illustrator: Sarah Lawrence

“As with everything in the year 2019, there’s an app for that. A growing market of companies has emerged that claims to help you develop — and stick to — good habits. In the last few years, dozens of habit-formation apps have cropped up. Productive is the first such app I came across, but there are countless others: MomentumHabiticaDoneCoach.meHabitshareHabitbullTodayStreaks. There are so many that the website Lifehack ranked 24 of the “best” options. Most of the apps are ad-free, but charge their users for the ability to create more habits, for more premium features, or for access to personal habit coaches.

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