My Amazing Team, Winter 2018

Client: My Amazing Team

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

Illustrator: Ben Wallis

My Amazing Team reached out at the beginning of 2019 with the idea to think big – they needed to totally revamp their website and design a proprietary deck of cards that would help future clients better understand their needs. We wanted the design to feel edgy, and modern, and hired muralist Ben Wallis to do the art that would guide our vibe and color palette.

The goal of Ben’s art was to bring in all of the themes that My Amazing Team represents – pioneering, disruption, and innovation – and create a new piece that not only tied these ideas together but still allowed them to live separately. This ‘mural’ can be broken into 8 different units and still maintain the energy and vibrance of the larger piece.

“We live in an age where standing still for too long can kill organizations. This is the ultimate opportunity to gain the knowledge to stay on your toes, stay relevant and create sustained success.”

We developed the color scheme through working on the piece with Ben, and then used that to create the Catalyst card deck that would function as a central piece of My Amazing Team’s strategy.

A close-up of an Approach and a Tools card. Players place these cards out on a board to identify their business priorities.

Ben’s design was featured as a card back throughout, further tying the projects together.