The Atlanta Maker Map, Root City Market, Fall 2014

Client: Root City Market

Art Director: Jen Soong

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

Atlanta is full of people who make things—colorful things, fuzzy things, digital things, and everything in between. We’re a city of dreamers, doers, thinkers, but most importantly, makers. I had the chance to work again with Root City Market on a project to collect and organize all of the makerfolk in Atlanta, starting at the Maker Faire.

Jen and I hatched a plan to make another map that helps us locate makers in the city—an interactive map with, you guessed it, pins! I made this map of Atlanta that does two things differently from the You Are Here (ATL), map—it expands past the perimeter (getting over my ITP snobbery) and it’s much more simple. Here, we’re not looking at specific addresses and locations, but really more of a general feel for area. Neighborhoods are highlighted (but not identified because there are several hundred).

It’s about 4×5 feet. When you’re celebrating a big community, you obviously have to make a big map.