The Buford Highway EatBot, Summer 2019

After working so much with We Love BuHi over the years, I got this idea I couldn’t shake – people were always asking me for recommendations, asking Marian for recommendations, and while I liked helping people decide where to eat, part of it felt slightly redundant. “What kind of food?” “Expensive or cheap?”

My business Facebook page had a chatbot built-in already, but it’s a little clunky to use and limited to only Facebook users. I decided to use this opportunity to develop an SMS-based bot that you can text and get real-time feedback. At launch, it had 13 different nationalities represented, and over 50 recommendations. There are over 300 places you could visit on Buford Highway, so this wasn’t an exhaustive list, but my goal was for it to be a good cross-section of what’s available.