Who Owns Your Beer?


Client: Paste Magazine

Art Director: Josh Jackson

Writer: Sarah Lawrence

Designer: Sarah Lawrence

“Foreign ownership of iconic American brews is not a new phenomenon. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the progenitors of half the beers on our Cheap American Beersbracket, is based in Belgium. Heineken is owned by a Dutch company, and Miller Lite is jointly owned by SABMiller, a London-based operation. Even our beloved Pabst owns several important legacy brands in addition to PBR, so your Schlitz, Lone Star, Rainier, Colt .45 and Old Milwaukee are now technically Russian.

But where are my American-owned beer brands, you cry? It looks like Yuengling and Boston Beer Company are two of the only large brewers directly owned by someone from the US of A. Blue Moon and Coors are produced by the Molson Coors merger that is halfway in Denver, CO and Canada (we picked Denver to make it easy).” – from Paste Magazine