March 8, 2021

Talking about COVID-19

Talking about COVID-19

It feels obvious to say that 2020-2021 have been pretty tough years, considering all we’ve had to deal with due to COVID-19. I was feeling isolated at the end of last summer and started asking questions informally on Instagram (which has a polls feature) to just get a simple read on how everyone else was feeling and holding up. To my surprise, 500 people ended up participating, and it led to some really helpful, healing conversations about loneliness and empathy.


Six months later, I was wondering if anything had changed since it seems like more and more stores and businesses are opening back up, and there’s a vaccine! I decided to run the poll again with the same questions (typed up a little better this time) and also add in a few new questions to ask about new situations. For the most part, the original questions are re-asked in the same way, unless I had feedback from the first round that people were confused by the phrasing.

Not everyone has Instagram, so I wanted to share the results here too – if you hover your mouse over the image, you’ll see arrow keys to advance to the next slide (or, you can swipe on mobile).

And, please, take care of yourself.

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