August 10, 2015

TGI Piedays

TGI Piedays

One of my closest friends and I are working on a blog to celebrate both our love of Fridays and pie. It’s called TGI Piedays—she plans out and develops the recipes, I take the photos and add the lettering. This way, we both get to practice our favorite things (and I get to eat too much pie).

Here are some of my favorite photographs so far:

Bananoffee_MainImage Bananoffee_TopImage IMG_1852 IMG_1802 IMG_1808 IMG_1813 IMG_1822 IMG_1923 IMG_1927 IMG_1944 IMG_1951 IMG_6741 IMG_6858 IMG_1679 IMG_1682 IMG_1709 IMG_1870 IMG_1866 IMG_1751 IMG_1774

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