July 8, 2014

That Time I went to NYC and Mostly Took Pictures of Cats

That Time I went to NYC and Mostly Took Pictures of Cats

For the Fourth of July this year, it was time for a getaway. I took a four day weekend to head to New York and visit some dear friends of mine! Left two cats I love to go hang out with some cool cats in the big city—also, spent time with real people too.


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Photo Jul 03, 7 46 20 AM   Obligatory “hey I’m on a plane” shots. I really did love the blue though, even though it’s horribly cliché. Had a window seat both ways, and I’m always blown away by how beautiful the earth looks from above.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetPhoto Jul 03, 4 20 32 PM (1)Stephanie had two cats—Kitaloon and Clark Gable (Clark is the one with the Hitler stache.) Photo Jul 03, 3 47 31 PM (1) Kitaloon was super fat, and loved to hang out on the inflatable bed—until she tore a hole in it with her incredibly sharp claws. Photo Jul 04, 10 27 40 AM Clark hung around all day, just looking like a cutie. I’ve really warmed up to cats lately, I think it’s because of Jess’ cat Tater. Photo Jul 04, 8 08 45 PM Photo Jul 04, 8 10 12 PM copy It rained Thursday and Friday, and we were stuck inside for most of it—Stephanie has these massive picture windows in her apartment (rare for NYC I assume), and I kept referring to it as “giant nature TV” while we watched the storm rage on, and people blowing up fireworks after it subsided. When we were able to meander out to go meet our friends in Manhattan, the light cut through the clouds with an eerie glow on the buildings. Photo Jul 05, 12 16 01 PM At one point we came across a group of gents muraling in broad daylight. They weren’t even slightly phased that we were right behind them, snapping pictures. I wonder if there were any murals of cats? Photo Jul 05, 2 47 32 PM   Decided to embark on an art walk and found some really beautiful pieces. Photo Jul 05, 3 10 05 PM Photo Jul 05, 4 03 29 PM Photo Jul 05, 2 50 30 PM Photo Jul 05, 2 49 50 PM New York was awesome! It was the first time I visited and wasn’t overwhelmed by all of the chaos (I suppose since I’ve survived Bonnaroo, I can survive anything). Photo Jul 04, 10 28 26 AM Maybe the cats helped.

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