How do I get my own copy?

1. Snag a free copy when they’re released

We post the locations as we drop them on my Instagram (@whiskeyfoxxtrot) – Unfolded has most recently been left at:

Grant Park Coffee • Java Cats Cafe • Kavarna • Parkgrounds • Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee • Banjo Coffee • Good Karma Coffee House • Criminal Records Atlanta • Aurora Coffee • Press & Grind • Buffalo Exchange • Javavino • Inman Perk Coffee • Revolution Doughnuts • Sweet Cheats • Ebrik • Videodrome

But we only leave 10 at each location,
so if they’re all out, that’s it!

2. Subscribe to my email newsletter

I send out issues to subscribers (for free) before they’re ever dropped in person, so if you want early access to the paper, you might want to sign up.

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3. Buy one on Etsy

Don’t live in Atlanta? Want to send one to a friend? Want to become a distributor in your city? You can easily do that over on my Etsy page.

If you want to submit to Unfolded:

You are incredible – we would love to hear from you. What are you semi-secretly very interested in? What do you do that you love? We accept illustrations and writing and puzzles and whatever else you think might be fun to include.

If you think your dog is the Good Dog of the Month:

This is probably the world’s toughest competition, but give it a shot:


Hint: if your dog is chosen as the GDotM, we will illustrate it, so please choose photos that are clear and well lit.

Quick disclaimer: We can’t guarantee entry into the paper, but we will reach out asap if it’s a good fit! 

If you want to place an ad in the next issue:

That’s awesome! You placing an ad helps this small paper stay sustainable and reach more people.

Quick editorial note: Unfolded is meant to be lighthearted and a fun publication on people’s passions and interests. There is no room here for anything mean, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate for a wide range of readers. That is, don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.

We reserve the right to not run any ad that doesn’t meet these guidelines.

If applicable
If so, what's the time constraint?
If you want us to write it, just write generally about the concept here. we also may add editorial flair but will confirm it with you before publishing

If you want to write a letter to the editor:

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